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Earn Tax Credits

The IRS tax initiative, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, is a simple process that includes a tax incentive to employers who hire formerly incarcerated individuals. By recruiting from this population, your company can earn up to $9,000 back in tax credits per eligible new-hire. In most cases, the money employers earned back in tax credits meets or exceeds the cost of using our job board.

Translation – You can make money posting jobs with us!

Get More Applications

Employers are seeing fewer candidates apply for their job openings due to the tight labor market. By inviting formerly incarcerated job candidates to apply for your job openings (roughly 20,000,000 Americans), you’ll tap into a large demographic with a 27% unemployment rate. This leads to more applications and more options for your hiring managers.

Hire Great People

Just because someone made a mistake that led to a criminal conviction does not mean their potential is gone. Harley Blakeman was arrested and convicted of Drug Trafficking at nineteen years old. Since that time, he earned a business degree from The Ohio State University and worked as a Production Supervisor for over a year. Harley is also the CEO and Co-Founder of HonestJobs.co and just one of the millions of talented formerly incarcerated job candidates in America.

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