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Production Associate

at Stanley Electric U.S. CO.

Type: Full Time
Location: London, Ohio
Pay Rate/Wages: $15.80

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All Stanley U.S. Associates share in the effort to achieve customer satisfaction and continuously improve overall performance. Success is found in the delivery of high quality products on a timely basis at a competitive price. Each individual, in the conduct of his or her daily activities and interactions, has abundant opportunity to make a positive contribution. While no listing of duties and responsibilities can completely capture the many different ways this opportunity presents itself, fulfilling the responsibilities of her or his role is one important means by which an individual Associate contributes to Stanley’s overall success.
The primary responsibility of the Assembly Associate is to provide daily productivity, ensure the effective flow of communication, maintain the focus on the customer and meet or exceed operational requirements are on a daily basis . Other key responsibilities include:
Ensure adherence to company policies, practices and procedures.
Ensure adherence to safety policies and procedures.
Keep a promise.Keep a rule.Use time wisely.
Interact with associates and ensure communication regarding production needs, quality procedures, and general associate concerns.
Communicate production/manning/performance issues to T/L and/or Coordinator.
Communicate relevant production-related issues to other shifts
Do not accept, make or pass a bad part.
Troubleshoot machine problems and quality issues to ensure quality parts and customer satisfaction.
Ensure understanding of and adherence to quality standards.
Maintain a clean working environment.
Ensure efficient operation of production lines.
Adhere to SOP’s, QWI’s, QSP’s, etc.
Conduct and oversee on the job training for temporary workers and new associates to ensure efficient and safe operations on the line.
Address other issues and/or responsibilities as opportunities arise.

English language proficiency
Solid attendance history
Ability to learn technical requirements
Adaptability to change
Able to lift 40+ lbs

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