How does we get people to apply?

There are 3 primary ways we attract second-chance job candidates to your jobs:

1.) Partnerships – We’ve partnered with national non-profits and goverment agencies who send job candidates to our site daily all across the country find gainful employment.

2.) Our Database – Thousands of people create “Job Seeker” profiles with us so that we can let them know when new job openings become available in their area. Our powerful software lets the right people know about your jobs at the right time.

3.) Digital Marketing – Our platform also pulls the zip codes from all jobs posted with premium plans daily and imports them into our digital campaigns where we use the latest digital marketing techniques to promot your job openings across several popular platforms. This results in premium plans recieving roughly 3x the number of applications.

What are the pricing options?

  • It’s free to have 1 job posted at all times
  • $199/month, up to 5 job posts & 3x results
  • $299/month, up to 10 job posts & 3x results
  • $499/month, up to 20 job posts & 3x results
  • $999/month, up to 50 job posts & 3x results
  • More than 50 jobs? Call us at (614) 954-0034

Create your business account here to get started.

Does we handle background checks?

We do not conduct background checks. However, our proprietary PassCheck technology allows us to connect you with job candidates that fit into your company’s unique hiring policy. When you set up your business account you will have the option to tell us what criminal convictions conflict with the job duties. Our algorithem then shows each unique job candidates which positions offer the best chance of gaining successful employment (see below).

How can I contact HonestJobs.co?

Office Phone: (614) 954-0034

Email: harley@honestjobs.co