How does HonestJobs get people to apply?

There are 3 primary ways we attract second-chance job candidates to your jobs:

1.) Partnerships – Regional and national non-profits use our platform to help people in communities all across the country find gainful employment.

2.) Our Database – Thousands of people create “Job Seeker” profiles us so that we can let them know when new job openings become available in their area. Our powerful software lets the right people know about your jobs at the right time.

3.) Digital Marketing – We use the latest digital marketing techniques promot your job openings across several popular platforms.

What are the pricing options?

Monthly Plans

  • Free forever, up to 2 job posts
  • $ 99/month, up to 5 job posts & 3x results
  • $149/month, up to 10 job posts & 3x results
  • $299/month, up to 20 job posts & 3x results
  • $499/month, up to 50 job posts & 3x results
  • More than 50 jobs? Fill out our demo request form above.

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How Can I Request a Demo?

You can request a demo by completing this short form.


Does HonestJobs.co handle background checks?

We generate great leads but do not conduct background checks. Most people with criminal records have non-violent charges, many of which are from years ago.

How can I contact HonestJobs.co?

Office Phone: (614) 954-0034

Email: harley@honestjobs.co