We Make Fair-Chance Hiring Possible and Practical

Post Jobs for Free

We offer a “Freemium” model platform. This means our service is free but we also offer premium plans. Your free account will allow you to post unlimited jobs and hire as many people as you want!

Premium plans include features such as Priority Ranking, Candidate Search,  Multiple Administrators, and More.

Candidates You Can Hire

PassCheck is an algorithm we’ve created to evaluate the criminal records of job seekers on a “case-by-case” bases, at scale. This allows us to send you qualified applicants with criminal records that are not a direct conflict with the duties of any given job opening. PassCheck ensures Employer and Job Seeker success and is essential to our process.

Earn Tax Credits

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a tax incentive for employers who hire formerly incarcerated individuals. By recruiting from this population, your company can earn up to $9,000 back in tax credits per eligible new-hire.

Translation – Save a ton on taxes by hiring with us!