Honest Reentry – The employment tool for P.O.’s

Honest Reentry – The employment tool for P.O.’s

If you’ve never heard of Honest Reentry it’s likely because its a very new tool.

It was created by HonestJobs – a small tech company out of Columbus Ohio focused on building the nation’s largest fair-chance employment platform – 100% free to jobs seekers.

As the Founder and CEO (Harley Blakeman), I was personally familiar with the challenges of finding employment with a criminal record. I served 14 months incarcerated and 7.5 years on probation after being convicted of drug and theft related felonies at 18 years old (2010).

Although I faced non-stop rejection looking for employment, I’ve seen a lot of success as an entrepreneur helping others get hired. In 2019, we (HonestJobs) helped roughly 275 companies across the U.S. hire formerly incarcerated job candidates, most of which had felony criminal records.

As demand for the service rapidly expanded to states like Texas, Illinois, and Georgia, we needed to find an innovative way to source job candidate for our clients to hire. This is when I started talking to my contracts within the courts, probation, and parole. They offered to put up HonestJobs posters and hand out flyers letting their client know about the service but as a tech entrepreneur I knew there had to be a better way to streamline the process.

I interviewed several P.O.’s and took the information to my developers. Three weeks late we release the Honest Reentry tool to the U.S. As of June 2020 were are 103 probation and parole officers actively using the tool to connect their clients with thousands of fair-chance job openings across the country.

About the Honest Reentry tool:

  1. Everything is in one dashboard and it’s easy to understand.
  2. Just enter your clients email or cell phone number and click “Invite” – that’s it!
  3. Your clients will gain access to thousands of fair-chance jobs and you’ll be able to remotely see how many jobs they’ve applied for in real time.
  4. Clients can also securely send pay stubs directly to your dashboard for remote verification of employment status or hours worked.

Connecting Your Clients

Track Job Hunting Activity Remotely

Verify Pay Stubs Remotely

My Ask to You

If you’re a Probation or Parole Officer please consider creating an account and inviting your clients.

Here is the link to set up your account: https://www.honestjobs.co/po/

Version 2.0 is coming out in August 2020. If you create an account before then it will look different but everything will work the same.