Welcome to Honest RSS

Remote support and supervision + Seamless fair-chance employment


What is Honest RSS?
Honest RSS (Remote Support and Supervision) is a web application that allows probation and parole officers to easily connect their clients with thousands of fair-chance job openings nationwide by simply entering their email or phone number.

You can even remotely track their job hunting activity and verify their employment status, pay rate, and hours worked.

What is Honest Jobs?
Honest Jobs is the nation’s largest fair-chance employment platform. Over 275 companies use our platform to hire formerly incarcerated job candidates nationwide. Additionally, we provide fair-chance employment solutions to county and state governments.
How much does Honest RSS cost?
Gain unlimited access to the Remote Support and Supervision tool for an annual price of $1,800 – $3,000/year per officer depending on the number of officers using the tool and length of the agreement.

If you’re interested in getting a quote call (614) 954-0034 or email harley@honestjobs.co.