The Power of Your Adversity

The Power of Your Adversity

The Power of Adversity











Consider a few of the greats throughout history: Abraham Lincoln. Nelson Mandela. J.K. Rowling. All icons of success and accomplishment in their respective life’s work.

But did you know that Abraham Lincoln lost eight political elections before becoming one of our nation’s greatest presidents?

Were you aware that Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison before being elected president of South Africa four years later at the age of 75?

Or how J.K. Rowling was a single mother living on welfare when she wrote and sold the first book in the Harry Potter series after being rejected by 12 different publishers?

These inspiring individuals have made an immeasurable impact on politics, civil rights, and literature (not to mention pop culture). And they have one major thing in common:

They succeeded through never-give-up perseverance in the face of adversity.

Having faith and conviction in themselves and their abilities, they were able to transform courage into confidence to overcome any fear of failure, never giving up through the heartbreak of relentless setbacks and rejections.

Adversity has the power to make you a better, stronger person. It makes you suited to adapt to the ever-changing and demanding circumstances life surprises us with.

Adversity puts our character to the test. It challenges us. It’s what separates the great from the merely average.

This is the power of adversity.

Adversity Makes You a Better Job Candidate









Hiring managers realize that the key to finding top-performing employees and leaders lie in that person’s life experiences as much as their previous work history.

It’s why they value candidates who have faced real adversity in their lives. They are looking for employees that have demonstrated the critical skill of being able to focus and work through even the most difficult of challenges.

They want people who won’t give up easily or place blame on others when results don’t go their way. They need employees that won’t avoid uncomfortable problems or run away from them altogether.  

So what is it about your adversity that makes you ideal for your next job in the eyes of employers?

Hiring managers believe that candidates who have shown they have overcome adversity in their lives possess these 3 important skills that are sought after by every company:

1 – Problem Solving

People who have experienced adversity have been presented with any number of problems in their life. Through their trials, they have fine-tuned and honed their abilities of confronting and overcoming challenges.

Their success has shown them time and time again that no problem is too difficult to be conquered.

Employers realize that it’s natural for humans to avoid uncomfortable situations or seemingly unsolvable issues. Any candidate that has shown a propensity to survive and thrive under stress and pressure will give themselves a leg up on the competition.

2- Resilience

A history of adversity has a way making people more resilient, which makes them more likely to engage in the face of mounting difficult challenges, not flee or retreat.

They have been there and come back better from that.

They’ve learned to adapt to the different methods that may be necessary in confronting problems, and when faced with a crises, they take it head-on. Resilience shows a bounce-back ability when the challenges land a blow or two, and encourages the perseverance needed to succeed in any demanding position.  

3- Positive Attitude

When reviewing applications and resumes for a position, typically hiring managers receive numerous candidates who share a lot of the same skill sets and work experiences. As they narrow down the pool through interviewing, attitude becomes a very important differentiator in determining what candidates are right for the culture of the organization.

It is only through adversity that people grow in confidence and courage and learn unique and invaluable insights that can be applied to future adverse situations.

This all comes through in a positive and grateful attitude. They have been given second chances and that creates loyal, hardworking employees with an attitude of gratitude. What employer doesn’t want that in a new hire?

Remember, adversity is a part of everyone’s life. Difficulties and barriers you’ve faced in your life have shaped you and helped you to become more resilient and better trusting of your instincts. View these setbacks not as failures, but as opportunities for personal growth that can provide a clear path to employment success.